Evade 6 : Marriages Today

-Sujata Aryal-

Lovely was her nature, decent was her attribute, life was her passionate until the credence remain constant. Consistency was her move until it drew an outer space haphazardly.

Maya fall and rise in intimacy, it was late teenage of hers. Froozen with the aforation idea got married by choice, not an option. Marriage blossom and was evaluated happily ever after. Nothing was enduring either love, hatred or emotion, it prone to scarifice senses and ability to muse smart. Same devotion hit her when she found out to be cheated by her life companion. The sinless heart, the meditative spirit in love and life inclined demolish.

It wasn’t serene to be far when the innocence, three years old wanted affability between both the parent. It was trouble-free to remain with someone who doesn’t possess to her. She stopped fondness same when he kissed either embrace those doesn’t value any more to her, not the activity to make her happy not immense love even. It seems like a cover-up, after wrongdoing.

Sensation being with each other was missing as Maya was not the same. She could think sharp but when it comes emotional factor, she was in delima.

Years goes on and the fellowship forces Maya’s to remain silent when child is involved. Marriage is an instution where there is commitment, vow and love. It’s companionship wherr both partner have equal responsibility of an attempt. There needs action, respect, trust and most importantly pattern of crediting the omission and not repeating. Self-esteem or many other factors donot let go. Many marriages remain in uncertainty today, always between might be i should forget and forgive or i will repentance the decision. It was Maya who remain pacific and optimistic but crave to be loved, touched, understood and cared as she is the only woman for her man.

She settle to make fellowship jovial for the welfare of her kid. It trigger when her thirteen years question her, if marriages looks like you and pa, I never gonna have anyone in life.

She breakdown as a mother, that day, she shed tears. Her stab to be good partner, mother even career defeated. Still she obivious to hoax as life meant not to live for yourself only. There is no excellence, anywhere, in anything.

In her late 40’s she regret the time she squander for everything for everyone. She being despotic to herself, keep on reasoning and mostly start living in culpability for not being self -determined. Overthinking emerged her mental health issues and end up with suicide.

Her kid is a married women now who works as mental health advocate.

Looking over Maya’s life it is mastered nothing should be unnatural, respect should be requited and society should considerate both the values, men and women. It’s personal choice to be with someone or not. It’s deterition to be with, one who could act ethical with the surrounding, everybody even everything but couldn’t discern you. Ultimately, the way you principal life should be your choice not option.